29th August 1999


Indeed we are. This is the end, for the time being for the Hall of Maim. We really had a laugh putting it together and sifting through the pictures. Trouble is, the pictures just stopped coming in. Even after appearing in PC Zone. I think that we've had about 2-3 images sent to us since the last update. Sad. It appears the Carma community is loosing interest. I guess everyone's waiting TDR2000 to come out. Oh well, we will return if TDR offers the same sort of configurability (cars and the replays).

Thanks to everyone that sent a picture in! Bye for now.

 21st June 1999

New Top 10

Yep, as promised, this weeks top 10 is up for your personal pleasure. I've stated to take cakes' mini apart to make it more smashable, hopefully with the week off work, I'll be able to make some good progress. On another note, it was nice to see a glimpse of TDR2000 on the dreadful "wont-show-you-too-much" games show Gamers on ITV (filmed at E3). Looks pretty good, but there were still no ped shots. If theres a repeat of the show in the week, check it out. Well, thats about it for another week.

 12th June 1999

Big Fat Update

More stuff than you could fit into Vanessa cacks folks. Yep, thats right we've got loads of stuff for ya, just to prove that we havent been completely slack over the past few weeks.

New Car - Mini
Cakes has decided to let all of you try out his new mini project. Its still an alpha, as there are no detachable parts (yet), but it drives incredibly well. Check out the Files section

New Skin - Maim Machine
Firemanmike's new replacement skin for the Coupe, with special celebrity driver - a virgin driver in fact :) Download NOW from our Files section

New Top 10
After weeks of nothing, we've thought that although hardly anyone has sent us pics, we'll try to update the top 10 at least every 2 weeks - Please send us some funny pictures. You know you want to

10,000 hits!!!
We finally made it! Thanks to EVERYONE who's sent us emails and supported us with pictures over the past few months. Its great to feel appreciated (Oh, and thanks to those who took the time out and bothered to email us asking if we were dead during our silent period). Cheers - let me buy you all a beer (maybe).

 9th June 1999

Honest, we are back (really)

No, we are not dead, as some have thought. It has seemed over the past few weeks that interest in this site, and carma in general, has slowed down. If things dont improve then we're gonna have to do a bi- weekly, or even Monthly top 10. We've also been WAY too lazy, and distracted by other things to keep this site up to date. Oh yeah, and theres that whole C&W screw up as well, but dont get me started on that (again!)

There WILL be an update this weekend, and we've got a new car to release. More details on Friday. Oh yeah, Theres also the matter of us being mentioned in PC-Zone this month. An article on Crimson Tide (Crash and Burn) is featured, with a breif history of Carma and online links - Its sort of given us the incentive we need (after the lack of pics).

 16th May 1999


Its been a while hasnt it. After all the hassles of the past few weeks, the only option for me is to drive 20 miles down the road to Firemanmikes flat to upload the web updates. Cable and Wireless CANNOT provide me with a new phone line with Caller ID services because (get this) the switches in my new area are too old, dont support it, and wont be upgraded till the end of the year at the earliest. The problem is they have changed my phone service WITHOUT telling me about it! I can not longer use some of the services that they promote. In fact, the engineer I spoke to on Friday told me I might as well go back to BT!! - What a bunch of Fucking Cowboys.

 9th May 1999

The Nightmare continues.........Part 2!

Got the ability (for now) to upload this and the last few days news updates. Since my phone (with CID) is being installed on Tuesday, i'll upload the last 2 weeks worth of top 10's then. Things can finally get back to normal after the 11th.

 5th May 1999

The Nightmare continues.........

I've been unable to upload to freeserve for the past 2-3 days. I've figured out why now. Everything will be sorted out as soon as I get my own phone moved in here early next week, but until then, it looks as if updates are going to continue to be slow going. I just hope that this is that last of my problems :)

 3rd May 1999

Disasters, Upheavals and Upgrades.

Bet you were wondering what happened to us then, eh?. Well, since last tuesday, I've had my PC blow up (nice blue spark it was too), I've had to try to move house, AND buy new bits for my Major upgrade. By Saturday morning the most I had accomplished was the posession of a Celeron chip, some Ram, numerous wasted phone calls to PC components suppliers and the Water board and a flippin great big hangover from Friday nights usual binge. Spent most of Saturday moving out, with just enough time in between for Mike and I to go shopping for PC cases. By Saturday late evening we were all wowing at Carma running on a PII 400 Celeron (and Expendable, and Halflife, and Rollcage, splooge, splooge.....and relax).

So now (after a busy Sunday Un-packing), I can return to the normal world again, which means updating this site. The Top 10 is gonna be late (oops), but we will make up for this by releasing the Car that FiremanMike and Cakes have been working on. Until Midweek............

 27th April 1999

A Troubled Weekend!!

Frequent visitors to this site will notice that the Top 10 has yet to be updated. This has been for a few reasons. Firstly we've all been busy this weekend with other things (Cakes and I both have had work, and Firemanmike has been away). Secondly we've not had a great amount of Pictures this week. In fact, only a few dribbled in (thanx Marty, LLhell, JJacobs et all). Oh I forgot to mention, I'm moving house, so thats gonna add stress to the week as well.

Anyway, all will be sorted out this weekend, and if things dont improve much on the pictures front, then we're gonna have to go Bi... Weekly, that is :)

 22nd April 1999

At Last!!

I've finally added all the pictures that we received that didnt make it into the top 10. Only this week and last have been updated, so check out the archives and charts. I'll continue working to finish off the last archive (4th April). (but its taking me AGES!). Enjoy.......

 19th April 1999

Top 10 is Now Online

Go visit our Charts section to see this weeks pictures. I did promise last week that I'd update the pics that didnt make it, well, as you can see, I didnt. Oh well, there's always this week :) - We'll let you know when they're up there!

 14th April 1999

Dalek BETA V2 Available!

All of the problems with the original Dalek have now been sorted out. The Head is now a fixed object on the Body, and it is smashable as fuck!.

An upgrade for all existing Dalek owners is ready for download too. Just nip over to our files section to download.


It has come to my attention that this page is getting a little BIG for its own good. I'll add a news archive section soon, in the meantime, apologies for it taking so long to load! (not that it takes THAT long).

 12th April 1999

This week's Top 10

I've just uploaded this weeks Top 10, as compiled by Firemanmike, Cakes and Myself. Another good week - thanks all! Sorry about the lack of updates, but what with spending TOO much time working on the Dalek (and the fact that I had to work Sat/Sun), I decided to have a break from it all!

As a result, the Pictures that missed the Top 10 last week WILL be updated in the archives. It'll happen alongside the release of This Week's pics that didnt make it.

Dalek Progress

Thanks to all of you who suggested fixes for the Dalek's head. Many of them related to re-working the suspension details, but sadly, I had already tried this, and it didnt work - BUT!! - I've managed to not only fix the floating head problem, but it now Dents properly as well! I did a bit of fiddling around with the .ACT file, and have made the Head object act as a 5th wheel (yeah, I couldnt believe that Carma actually let me do this!). I'm in the middle of sorting out some textures at the moment, so a release of a "proper" working Dalek is imminent.

 6th April 1999

Just a few notes on the Dalek Car. I've had to make the head of the Dalek a Wheel object (so that it can turn when you steer). As a result, it cant be crushed, and damage sustained to the main body can leave the head in the air(it is a BETA after all!). Also, the head "bobs" up and down over rough terrain. If anyone reading this can suggest a fix for this, I'd love to know about it. Cheers!

 5th April 1999

Dalek Car is OUT!
We've been busy ALL weekend adding the files section. The good news is the DALEK is out! Click on files on the left to go and get it NOW!!! Also, there's loads of other stuff (patches/essentials) for you to enjoy..........

Oooops, just noticed (16:36) that I've got me slashes mixed up, so the Dalek link doesnt work, sorry! - its fixed now.

 4th April 1999

Top 10
Just uploaded this weeks top 10!. Its early I hear you cry? Well, its the Bank Holiday and most of us have got tomorrow off. Arent we nice
More Dalek progress....
Almost there! Due to excess of alcohol over the past few nights, no progress was made on the Dalek until last night. I've tweaked the physics, and reduced it in size (remember the original daleks we're about the same size as humans!). I've also improved the textures around the neck and tenticle. This pic should give you an idea as to its intended size. btw. I will release a BigMother dalek soon, cause a 30foot high dalek, although difficult to fit under bridges, is fuckin hilarious :)

 2nd April 1999

Nothing really all that new to report on, but I've fiddled with some java on the pictures. I was getting kinda fed up with having to click "back" everytime I looked at an image. It didnt strike me as being too slick. So, if you like the new image loader, good! if you dont, mail me!

 1st April 1999

Progress on the Dalek physics has gone well today (but not as quickly as I would have liked - had too many REALlife things to do!). If all goes well (and if I decide on a texture for the head), it should be ready for Saturday.

btw. It skids well

On a completely unrelated note, I, as many other retro-gaming fans out there, am once again pissed off about more legal action against Daves Classics. Dave seems to be keeping tight lipped about why, so we can only guess that its fairly serious. The site has been down now for a few days, and theres no sign of its return. I just hope that its not those IDSA bods again. Anyway, no more developments are going to take place today cause I'm off out to get Pissed. Bye :)

 31st March 1999

Dalek Car! 

Dont just maim your opponents, EXTERMINATE them!

I've sorted a texturing problem that I was having, and things are looking pretty good. Its not available yet as I'm not completely happy with the textures (I'm no artist!), and the physics need sorting out. In the meantime though, 'ave a gander at these shots:

Exterminate! Exterminate again! Damn Courier! Excitable, isnt he?! Not again!

 29th March 1999

Another week, another Top 10! Go check it out

I havent had the chance to update the Links section yet (sorry all!), but I promise it will get done at least by tomorrow morning. I've been messing around with Cared and Plaything, and my (top secret!) project is underway, more news as it takes shape :) Freaky

 26th March 1999

We've uploaded all the pictures that didnt quite make it into this weeks Top 10. This will be a regular feature of the Top 10, and will be added a few days after the Beginning of each week.

Later today we'll do a majour overhaul of the Links page, as so many people have asked us to link to them (and theres a lot of good sites missed off as well)

 22nd March 1999

This week's Top 10 is now available! Did you make it? Go and have a look then. Apologies to all that sent us pictures and mail and havent had a response yet. We have got them all, its just been a nightmare this week cause I've had to re-install my system AGAIN! (lost my mail, had to use a backup from work - damn Pop3 - why cant Freeserve start using IMAP - dont answer that please!).

 21st March 1999

That time is almost apon us. Tomorrow at 6PM we'll be publishing the new Top 10. BIG thanks to all of you who have sent pictures in. There's some great shots in there (as well as some real shite). Will YOU make it to No.1?? You'll just have to wait until tomorrow, wont you.

 19th March 1999

Yesterday was a sad day for the world of entertainment. This weekend we will be mourning the loss of one of Englands premier "sock puppet" performers. He was a true comedian, all the way, right to the very end :)

You will be missed rod.

Rod Hull: 1936-1999

 18th March 1999

Due to an increasingly overwhealming influx of pictures, we've had to change the contact details - my mailbox has become fatter than Vanessa's Ass. When you sumbit your pictures, please use the new address: pictures@hallofmaim.freeserve.co.uk. Cheers!.
If you fancy a bit of non-carma relief(!) have a go at the Celebrity Slapping game - just click on her disgusting face :)

 16th March 1999

Added our new Super Blood Chunk Pack to the Info section, go there now to check it out!

 15th March 1999

Added a few bits to the info section. The charts have their debut week beginning today. Generally everything on this site is completed. Please let us know what you think.

 10th March 1999

Its all done! Pretty much ready for release. We just cant imagine why the fuck you are interested in this at the moment, since nothing has been uploaded yet. Hmmmmmmmmmm

For the latest News, just pop your browsers nose along to http://news.bbc.co.uk sorted mate.

 8th March 1999

After a long weekend or working on ideas, we now have working charts, and hopefully, as things move on, an expanding Archive.

 25th January 1999

Work has begun on the Hall of maim. We've thrown around some preliminary ideas, and so far its looking good..........