Carmageddon is one of the best racing games I've ever played! You have free mobility on the race track, meaning that you can go anywhere you want; to make your laps you just have to pass through the appropriate checkpoint! But what makes it really great, is that you can waste the other cars and run over pedestrians! Plus, there is a plethora of power-ups and power-downs!
Remember, the faster you're going, the more the peds are worth!
I also have the “boring” German version of Carmageddon (robot peds). I had hoped it would be the zombie version when I bought it, but it wasn't. If someone out there wants to help me get ahold of the European zombie version of Carmageddon #1 (just for fun!), I'd greatly appreciate it.
All my add-ons work with Carmageddon and the Splat Pack. They should be internationally compatible, too.
The files I have for downloading are in my Yahoo! Briefcase, and unfortunately you can't access it without an invitation. But if you'll just email me and ask, I'll gladly send you a Yahoo! Briefcase invitation, allowing you to download the files.
Yes, I do have cheat codes! I also have Carmagedit, a PIX/FLI/TXT/WAV editor for Carmageddon. VERPIXT! (click for full-sized image - 152k)
UPDATE! May 2003 Carmagedit will let you export / import graphics, but it can only edit existing graphics and cannot resize image dimensions. Well, QTZ finally talked me into writing a program that does resize PIX files. So now we've got a great functioning PIX generator, and we're just working out the kinks, adding miscellanious features, and making it look generally barable to the eye. I call the program “VERPIXT!” because it's a PIX editor, and the name sounds like the German exclamitory “verflixt!” and mind you, lots of choice words come to mind when you're trying to develope a program on a 7-year-old P200 that keeps crashing and reseting itself, no matter how many times you reinstall Windohs on any given day. (I've been in Silicone Hell ever since I installed that crappy Visual Basuck MSDN Help Library.)

Carmageddon Add-ons:
Blood Soundpack
Duke Nukem SoundPack
Redneck Rampage SoundPack
Shadow Warrior SoundPack
C A R S / P E D S
Car Cheat Patches
Duke Nukem 3D Pedestrians

You are pedestrian #*SPLAT!* to be ran over since March 20, 1999

B L O O D S O U N D P A C K V 1 . 0 0
Under (planned) development. I had to halt devopement whlie I reformatted my computer, and now I'm too busy with school...

In Carmageddon many of the cars cannot be stolen because they are not “stealworthy.” If you want, you can finish the game and then have access to the cheat cars, but why not earn them early on? I went through the performance code files for the cars (which are encrypted) and replaced the “not stealworthy” line with a “stealworthy” line. Simply unzip these files into your DATA\CARS\ directory and you can steal any car, even the little Armored Police Cars or Stella Stuna's Electric Blue!

Download CarmaStl.zip (306K) for Regular Carmageddon
Download SplatStl.zip (375K) for Carmageddon Splat Pack

Things that increase your probability of stealing cars:
  • According to Carmageddon.com, you must have a rank of 75 or better. That can't be right though, because I stole a car at rank 90, on Hard!
  • If you play on EASY, stealing is easier; if you play on HARD, stealing is harder. I guess.
  • The harder you smack 'em, the more likely you'll steal 'em.
  • The Supressor (the Big APC) will always be won when you waste it.
  • There is no rank requirement for winning Police cars--as long as they're “stealworthy.”
This list used to be longer, but I've disproved many of my own theories. Near as I can tell, it's just totally random.

D U K E N U K E M 3 D P E D E S T R I A N S V 2 . 0 2
This replaces the pedestrians with the monsters from Duke Nukem 3D! You can choose to just dump the new graphics into the game, or you can ALSO install new pedestrian sounds to complete the alien pedestrian experience.
“Duke Peds” was developed using Carmagedit, so I had to scale down the monster graphics to make them fit. (I think the pedestrian-to-automobile scale looks more realistic this way than with the regular pedstrians anways.) But after writing a program that can create new PIX files, I've been redoing my Duke Peds--full sized! I'll let y'all know when that's done.

Download DukePeds.zip (2.83MB)

D U K E N U K E M S O U N D P A C K V 1 . 0 0
This patch replaces most of Max Damage's voices with sounds from Duke Nukem 3D: Jon St. John as Duke Nukem. (Die Anna is unchanged.) I admit this isn't the best sound patch (it only took me an hour or two to make), but die-hard Duke Fans should enjoy it!

Download DukeCarm.zip (1.17MB)

R E D N E C K R A M P A G E S O U N D P A C K V 1 . 0 1
This sound patch replaces most of Max Damage and Die Anna's voices with voices from Redneck Rampage: Burton Gilliam as Leanard and Peggy Jo Jacobs as the Alien Vixen, with Drew Markham as Billy Ray and Mojo Nixon as Sheriff Lester T. Hobbes replacing some pedestrian sounds. It's time to download Redneck Rampage on wheels at 280 mph and get “busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest!”
Now that I've finally gotten my hands on Redneck Rampage Rides Again I'll have to add some more voices to the soundpack. (Now I could even make a greater variety of redneck peds...)

Download RedCarma.zip (1.38MB)

S H A D O W W A R R I O R S O U N D P A C K V 1 . 0 1
This is a sound patch that replaces most of Max Damage and Die Anna's voices with voices from Shadow Warrior: John Galt as Lo Wang and Lani Minella & Rose Schuler as the “anime girls.” It's really funny! Just imagine running down a ped at 280 mph and hearing Lo Wang say “Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?” Or, if you're Annie, you might hear “You're a pathetic excuse for a man!”

Download WangLani.zip (1.55MB)

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